Saturday, January 23, 2010

Busy Big Brother

Max and Papa and Margaret. My Dad is the first person to get a name other than Mommy or Daddy (other than Riley, of course). Max has really taken to my dad and wants him to be the one to get him a snack, refill his milk, carry him up to bed, help him with his shoes and coat, or anything else that might come up during the day.

Max wanted me to take a picture. And then he saw Margaret's sheep, and he wanted the picture to include the sheep too. I was only too willing to comply. :)

Another day, another self-portrait with Mommy.

Max playing with Mommy's fake iPhone. I put a game on it for him and he really likes it. Unfortunately for Margaret he thought she would also like it and beaned her in the head with the phone while trying to give her a turn.

He is still a very happy little boy. Yay!
And last night he slept through the night. Hurrah!

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