Monday, November 16, 2009

Fun with Max

Over the weekend Max started playing peekaboo with me and Mark. He puts his hands over his eyes, palm side out, and hides until you ask"Where's Max?" and then he pulls his hands away and laughs and laughs and laughs. I have been saying peekaboo to him but so far he seems uninterested in saying the words. But at least he is having fun.

The doctor said we needed to work on animal sound identification. So we got the Farm Babies book out of the library and I have been reading it to him. He is now very excited to get to the end where the picture is of ducklings. He points to each of the ducklings and says "Ducky!" very excitedly. But then when I asked him what noise a duck made, he growled. So looks like we are going to fail on animal sound identification...

Max was also very excited about feeding himself this weekend. The suction-bottomed bowls seem to work very well on his high chair tray. He did very well with the oatmeal, because I was able to make it fairly thick. The applesauce, however, was much messier. But he definitely has the idea and is able to get food on his spoon and get his spoon to his mouth without tipping the food off. It just tends to run off the back of his spoon when he angles it to get it into his mouth.

Max's new words, other than Ducky, are cookie and yummy. Yummy Cookie makes sense but I am not so sure about Yummy Ducky. Especially if duckies are vicious growling animals...

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