Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Words Max Can Say

Thank You

And he recognizes Nik and Julian when you say each of their names but he makes no attempt to say either name.
He makes a sound similar to keys when I give him my keys, but it sounds a lot like kitty.
Gretel is lucky enough to get two words. :)
I"m trying to get him to make a different sound for cheerios/kix/golden grahams but so far he is content to just shake his head no when I offer him each choice. I'm also trying to get him to say cheetos when I give him the baby cheetos, but I think cheetos and cheerios sound too similar so he mostly just points to the side of the kitchen where each are stored.

He does the signs for milk, more, and all done. And is now doing the sign for "all done" when he is done in the bath.

He will also drag me to the fridge and then take the carton of milk out himself if he thinks I am being particularly slow in understanding his desire!

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