Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Max the problem solver

I was getting ready for work yesterday and Max was already up and running around. I had my skirt on but didn't have my shirt on yet. Max looked at me. And then ran over to the dirty laundry basket. He returned to me holding up the shirt Mark had worn the day before. I think he had figured out I didn't have a shirt on and wanted to help me. Unfortunately he was not very excited by my refusal to wear Mark's dirty shirt instead of my own clean shirt. Ah well!

Max is also very interested in his shape sorting toys now. He has 3 different kinds at our house and one at Joanna's house too. One of the ones at our house is a cube with one side that opens. He really loves to play with the star shape, and can put it into the right hole in the first try, and long as you show him the side of the cube that has a star shaped hole. And being a baby he is willing to do this over and over and over again!

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