Monday, April 20, 2009

Num Num

Max has a new "word" as of this weekend. His diaper bag was on the floor and the container of baby snax (cheerios, kix, wheat puffs, rice puffs) was in the bag. He took it out and brought it to me and said "Num Num?" expectantly. I opened the container and gave him a few. He shoved them into his mouth and then held out his hand to get more. Over the weekend he continued to say Num num and then happily ate whatever was handed to him.

When I left him asleep in bed this morning he was sleeping (in his little brown and tan footed sleeper with the teddy bear slipper design) on his back with his legs out straight and one hand in the privacy now position. I was so proud. And yet unable to photodocument for fear of waking him up. Ah well. You'll all just have to use your imaginations. :)

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