Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sheep and Wool

Max had a really good time at the Sheep and Wool Festival. He liked looking at the animals. He got to pet an angora bunny, which he really liked. He wanted to get one, but I didn't think Mark was really going to be ok with that plan! We were able to mix it up so that we looked at yarn/knitting/patterns/silk/needles/etc and then animals. So there wasn't a long "boring" bit for Max. He was a little afraid of some of the animals, but was excited to see them. He very much enjoyed watching the sheep dog demos (for a little bit), especially the part where the dogs were running around and around and then the sheep were running around and around. At one point one of the dogs ran right past where we were standing. And those dogs can run FAST! He was surprized but delighted. He's pictured above with Wendy, and with his new toy! I've named her Aggie after one of the dogs we've seen each year at the demo.

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