Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Max in Jammies!

I have been slow to update the blogs. I am sorry. So here is a photo of Max, wearing his Thomas pajamas. Max is very excited about putting on his own pajamas, and is doing a great job. Joanna taught him to put his coat on by putting it on the ground and flipping it over his head. For his footed pajamas he puts them on the floor, and then sits on them and puts his feet in. And then he zips it up and celebrates.

You may also have noticed that Max is not wearing glasses in the photo above. This is because his glasses are lost. In the house. His new glasses should be ready today. At which point perhaps his other glasses will be found. The new glasses are more obviously purple, which seems to make him very happy.

While I was gone Max picked up a lot of words, and seems to have picked up a love of talking. Mark suspects that the new found love of talking is a reaction to Margaret's increase in talking. Max is competing with her now! Whatever it takes!

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