Monday, September 20, 2010

Max and his Big Boy Bed!

Max was very excited about the idea of his very own Big Boy Bed!

He went to bed in it for the first time on Friday night. And got out of it to turn on the night light. And then got back into bed. And then got out of it to shut the door. And then got back into bed. And then got out of it to open the door. And then got back into bed. And on and on. He did finally go to sleep in his bed, but in the night he got up and came and climbed into bed with me and Mark. And then drooled on my pillow.

Saturday night did not go so well, partially because Mark was at home with all 4 kids while I was at Angie's Bachelorette Party. So it was after 11pm before Max was finally in his bed asleep. And when I got up in the night I found him sleeping on the floor next to his bed, with his head at the wrong end of the bed. And at 7.22am he was staring at me!

Sunday night didn't go so smoothly because I messed up the Sunday afternoon nap. He slept too late in the day and for too long. And then I let him have candy after dinner. Because sometimes Mommies make bad decisions. So it was another rough night and it was after 10pm before I was able to get into my bed and go to sleep. When I put Margaret in her bed after her 3am feeding I found Max asleep "on" his bed with just his head and upper body on the bed. The rest of his body was in a kneeling position on the floor. I was able to move him back into his bed without him waking up.

We are making progress but it has been a slow process. He did *choose* to nap in his bed yesterday instead of napping in the baby's bed like he did on Saturday, so I think he is adjusting. It is just a slow process that is having quite the impact on his sleep deprived mother...

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