Monday, April 26, 2010

More words

When we took Max in for his 2 year checkup, the doctor told us that he should be speaking in phrases. He has about 30 words, but he doesn't use them together. This is not something to panic over, but she advised us to try to get him signed up for some early intervention. We have done the inital paperwork. And we are hoping that by the time they schedule the assessment, he will be using phrases and will not need help. If he does, he will get it. And in the meantime we are all trying to increase his vocabulary.

He can now say "tushie" and can tell you that a train goes "choo choo" and a baby says "ga ga goo goo." He might also tell you that a dove says "coo" but I wouldn't bet on it. He is also closer to saying Julian. If you ask him to go and call Julian, he will go to the front porch and yell something that sounds a little bit like Julia. And it is adorable!

We also got him to string together a few words over the weekend. He said "please daddy cookie" and "please mommy cookie" and he also said "thank you daddy" without much prompting. He's still not doing a noun and a verb, but he is at least getting a little bit of the idea of putting words together.

He does a great job of understanding complex tasks. And he actually can make his wishes known without the use of words. So we are trying to focus more on making him tell us what he wants instead of us just guessing and giving him whatever it is that his little baby heart desires. I guess I will have to teach him to say "please mommy foot rub" instead of just accepting him pointing to the baby lotion!

Here Max is trying out Nik's seat at the table.

Max running away from Margaret! Everyone is wearing their geek shirts! Max and Margaret both have shirts that say "kid" in binary and Mark's shirt spells out Dad.

Max doing one of his favorite things -- eating applesauce!!

And here's Max, relaxing at the grocery store, reading a trashy magazine.

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