Monday, October 5, 2009

Wedding Photos

At long last, here are some of the wedding photos:

Max trying on his suit at home. We bought it in England (at Marks and Spencer, of course) in April, so we needed to make sure it was going to fit him 6 months later...

Max playing piano with Julian and Nik.

Max taking a break on the steps.

Nik and Max before the wedding.

I wonder if Max is wishing he had a flower like Dylan. There was a flower for him but we were worried about the stick pin.

Julian, Max, and Nik

Julian and Nik

Max getting ready to dance at the reception. He had already changed out of his black dress shoes and into his crocs. His choice, not mine!

Do you mind if I bring this chair over?

Max licking a ham biscuit. He wasn't really into the ham. But he liked the biscuit! And that they were close enough to the edge of the buffet table that he could help himself if he was fast enough!

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