Friday, August 28, 2009

Helpful Baby

Max really likes to help. He likes to carry in bags of groceries from the car (as long as you have a nice light bag of non-breakable groceries). He likes to help carry the bags to the car in the morning when it is time to go. Yesterday he decided to help Mark bring in the little trashcan.

Mark had taken the little trash can outside to poop-scoop. He brought the empty trashcan back in the house and set it down inside the back door. Max picked it up and walked over to the two steps up to the kitchen. He put the trash can down on the first step, walked up the steps, and then leaned over to pick up the trash can again. He carried it over to the big silver trash can and tried to put it on top. He's too little to actually reach, but he definitely knew where it went and he was willing to try to do it himself.

He's such a cutie!

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