Friday, June 26, 2009

Photos to follow soon...

Yesterday I got home from work and found the whole family in the pool. So I changed into my swimsuit and got in too! I got some cute photos of Max in the pool and playing with his engineering ruler. :)

Also learned that Max ate cherries with NannyJo. I tried to give him cherries and he was having none of it. But he watched Joanna and then decided he needed to try cherries too.

And then this morning he ate cheese. I have been trying to get him to eat cheese and he has pretty much rejected it. But this morning I had an english muffin with cheddar cheese and butter. And he asked for a bite. So I gave it to him. And he was a big fan. But now I have to share my cheese! I'm not sure this is an improvement. :)

And he's making some good progress on his sign language. In addition to giving me the sign for milk while having his bottle (without me prompting him) and his almost constant use of the sign for more (which means "want" to him), he is also learning the sign for "all done" although he hasn't quite mastered it. He watches me to see what I am doing and he tries to do the same sign, but he hasn't quite mastered it. But it is pretty adorable anyway! :)

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