Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Max got me a lovely card and a picture frame. I still need to decide which picture is the best one for the frame and then I will add it to the collection of frames on my desk. :) And I guess he was just super excited to celebrate Mother's Day, so he got me up at 6am.

Being up so early did mean that we were able to go to the grocery store and get home and start cooking (lots and lots of baby food) before 9am.

Matt and Wendy had very generously offered to watch Max for us. So we had a date! We dropped Max off around 1145 and went to Kingstowne. We had lunch at Panera (french onion soup in a bread bowl = YUM!) and then watched Star Wars. It was fantastic! And the whole way home we had stuff to talk about from the movie. It was great to have some time with Mark and great to get to see a movie we both enjoyed.

For dinner last night I made chili. And Max ate it! First he had some yogurt, baby cereal, and butternut squash. But then he was clearly still hungry and he did the sign for more, so I gave him a bean. And then another. And another. He was loving it!

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Hayley said...

Star Wars? Don't you mean Star Trek? :P What kind of geek are you?