Monday, March 23, 2009

Rinse and Spit

It is amazing how much Max picks up on... He watches Nik and Julian brush their teeth at night. And that includes watching them rinse and spit. Last night I was running Max's bath, and he was playing around with the drawers in the bathroom. He has a lot of fun opening the drawer of hair accessories and throwing them on the floor, but that isn't quite so much fun for me. So I tried to distract him by giving him the cup from next to the sink. He immediately put it up to his mouth like he was drinking out of it, and then took it away and made a spitting noise. I picked him up and held him at the sink and he did it again. It was too adorable! So I took him downstairs and he showed Grandma. :) He is definitely taking in a lot of the world around him!

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