Sunday, January 18, 2009

Max Walks!!!!

On Friday when I picked Max up from Joanna's house, he walked to me from Joanna. It wasn't far but it was four or five steps. Unfortunately Mark had to work late and then go into work early on Saturday, so it was Saturday afternoon before we were able to recreate the moment for him. When Mark first got home I had Max standing ready, but Max's balance wasn't all that could be hoped for and he made it about one step before falling into Mark's waiting arms. But we tried again a few minutes later and Max made it about 4 or 5 steps from me to Mark. Yesterday evening he was walking from me to the big ottoman while holding my hand, then letting go and turning himself around, and then taking up to 2 steps towards me without help. At one point he cruised to about halfway down the ottoman and then let go and took a few steps, stopped to stand by himself for a few seconds, and then took a few more steps to me. He is definitely getting to be mobile. Julian thinks that it is related to me playing The Who's Goin' Mobile to him during the week. :)

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